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Story of karva chauth | story of KARVA chauth in english |karva chauth story

Story of kava chauth in english

It was a long time ago that there were seven sons of a moneylender and one of their sisters. All seven brothers loved their sister very much.

Even before they used to feed him and eat it later. Once the mother had come from her sister-in-law. In the evening when the brother came to his house after closing his business, his sister was very disturbed.

All the brothers sat down to eat and started requesting to eat from their sister, but sister told that she has an unhygienic fast of Karva Chauth today. The food can only be eaten by looking at the moon by looking at it.

Story of karva chauth in english

Since the Moon has not yet come, so it has become disturbed by hunger and thirst. The youngest brother is not seen in the condition of his sister and he keeps a lamp on a peepal tree and keeps it in the oven.

On seeing from a distance, it appears that like the fourth moon has arisen. After this the brother tells his sister that the moon has come out You can take a meal in the animal to give it up. Sister rides on the stairs with happiness and looks at the moon, He sat down to eat food by offering it.

Story of karva chauth in english

If she puts the first piece in the mouth then it sneezes. If you put another piece, then the hair gets out And as soon as she tries to keep the third piece in his mouth, she gets the news of the death of her husband. She is disturbed.

Her sister-in-law made her aware of the truth "her brothers have done this to her" and she tells him why this is happening.

Due to the breaking of the fast of Karva Chauth, the deity has become angry with them and they have done so.

Getting to know the truth, in the body, determines that it will not allow her husband to be cremated and will be resurrected by her virtuousness.

She is sitting near her husband's body for a whole year. Takes care of him. He gathers the niddel type- grass that grows up. One year, the day of Karva Chauth comes again in the past.

All his sisters keep fasting for Karva Chauth. When the mother-in-law comes to take her blessings then she says to sister-in-law, 'Take Yum Yog, give it to the needle, make me feel like her', she insists, But every time sister-in-law tells her to request the next sister-in-law, she goes away from there.

Thus, when the sixth number comes in sister-in-law Do it by repeating this thing too.

This sister-in-law tells him that because of the oldest brother, his fast was broken, so his wife has power She can revive your husband again, because of this reason when you come, then you should catch her and till she does not give alive your husband, Do not leave it till then.

Story of karva chauth

He goes away saying this. At the end, the younger sister-in-law comes in the end. Karva urges them to be happy, But she seems to be defying. Seeing it, Karva takes them in a loud and urges to revive his happiness.

Sister-in-law wants to get rid of her, she does not leave, but she does not leave.In the end, her sister-in-law is excited to see her penance. And by tearing his little finger and pouring nectar from it into his husband's mouth.

Karva's husband immediately Sri Ganesh-Sri gnaesh rises up while chanting the mantra. Thus, through the grace of God, through his younger sister-in-law, Karva gets his happiness back. 

O Lord Ganesha, O Maa Gauri, just as Karva got the blessing of Suhagan, The same blessings will be given to every Suhagin of the world.

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