Top Features of Apple watch series 7 | see before buying it !

Apple watch series 7

Feautres of apple watch series 7

Apple recently introduced the new Apple Watch Series 7. And in this article, I’ll explain all of the new features you can expect once the product is released this fall.

Features of 7 series apple watch

  • Apple watch available in colours

    So the aluminum Series 7 Apple Watch is available in new colors. Including green and starlight.
  • Size of apple watch series 7

    Although a more noticeable change to this year’s Apple Watch is its larger display. The Series 7 comes in 41 and 45 millimeter sizes, compared to the 40 and 44 millimeter Series 6 models. These  larger displays feature 20% more area and 60% less bezel.
  • Apple even made the display panel appear to  curve into the aluminum body thanks to a light refraction technique applied to the front glass.
  • When it comes to the always-on display feature,  Apple increased the brightness while indoors by 70%. Now thanks to the extra screen space, Apple was able to make some optimizations across  the entire operating system.
  • Feautres of apple watch series 7

    Buttons in apps like calculator have been redesigned   to make tapping them easier and more accurate. Also, for the first time, a keyboard comes to  Apple Watch. 
  • Ip feautres of apple watch 7 series

    Allowing you to tap or slide from letter to letter just like on iPhone. Another first with the Series 7 is its IP6X certification, which means the device is dust-proof in addition to being water resistant ups to 50 meters.
  • And thanks to its front glass being twice as thick at its tallest point, the display is more resistant to cracking than ever.
  • Charging features of apple watch 7 series

    Finally, Apple brought faster charging to the Series 7. With an updated charging architecture  and included fast-charging USB-C cable, it’ll take about 45 minutes to go from a 0 to 80% charge.  That’s 33% faster than the previous Series 6.
  • Or if you’re running low on power before bed,   8 minutes of charge will provide 8 hours of sleep tracking through the night.

Price of apple watch series 7

Price of apple watch series 7

The new Series 7 Apple Watch will start at $399, although Apple hasn’t officially announced the prices for the larger 45mm size, cellular LTE models, or for different materials like stainless steel and titanium.

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