Why the apple pencil is so expensive ?

Apple pencil price and features

Why the apple pencil is so costly ?

Many iPad customers like the idea of a stylus for note-taking and illustration. And Apple happens to make one called the Apple Pencil.

But it’s one-hundred thirty dollar price tag comes as a shock to many.

Who see a plastic stylus and assume it’d be more affordable. 

So why is the Apple Pencil so expensive?

Apple pencil tip

Well that’s what I’ll explain right now. So there’s actually quite a bit more to the Apple Pencil than meets the eye.

Feautres of Apple pencil

Let’s start with the tip. Which features the most precise pressure sensitivity found in any stylus today.

And thanks to its nine axis gyroscope, tilt detection allows you to make strokes of various thickness on the fly. That means the Apple Pencil responds exactly like a real pencil. And elevates the product from being ‘just a stylus’ to a digital artist tool.

Sort’ve like Wacom pens that are popular with graphic designers. Moving on to the center of the pencil, you’ll find a flat surface that contains several technologies.

Apple pencil feautures

Magnets that attach to your iPad, wireless charging components that power the pencil while attached, and a touch-sensitive layer that adds extra functionality.Like tapping twice to switch between brushes.

Now all this technology doesn’t come cheap, especially when you consider it’s compact housing.

Apple Pencil is one of the thinnest styluses on the market. So in order to fit everything inside, Apple had to design a folded logic board which features a processor, bluetooth chip, and other electronics.

Inside apple pencil tip

All these internals were arranged with care to ensure a balanced center of gravity that made it feel natural in the hand.

But arguably the most important aspect of any digital writing tool is how much latency, or lag, exists. If the line you’re making lags too far behind the stylus tip, your drawing experience won’t have the same fluidity as with an actual pencil.

Apple pencil wireless charging

Apple paid attention to this detail, and optimized the iPad’s software to deliver an industry-leading nine milliseconds of latency with Apple Pencil. 

But what’s more surprising than how fast it can draw, is how fast it can charge. After just fifteen seconds of power, Apple Pencil delivers an extra half hour of usage.

Preventing your work session from being delayed by a dead battery. So while it may look like a cheap plastic stylus, the Apple Pencil features some incredible technology that may be worth its one-hundred thirty dollar price.

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